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Vanguard 2-Camera System - Order Today!
Vanguard Professional 2 Camera System

Combine PC & Internet power with the power of 2 Vanguard 44X Zoom Cameras together and you've got a powerful remote home surveillance system! View LIVE COLOR video from your Vanguard camera anywhere in the world with the X10 Internet Control Center Software! Add to that total control of the pan and tilt feature and you've got a complete remote home surveillance system at your command. All it takes is just one click to log into your SECURE Vanguard Camera Network!

Price Includes:
2 Vanguard Pan & Tilt Zoom Cameras
Vanguard Control Center Software
2 Video Receivers w/ no audio
EagleEye Motion Detector
Wireless PC Transceiver
2 100' RCA Video Only Cables

Save $939.92! Order Today!
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Product Uses

  • Check out the van parked down the road. Now ZOOM to read the license plate.
  • Watch your children play in the yard. ZOOM and see the look on their faces.
  • See that box left at your front door. Now ZOOM to find out who it's from.
  • What kind of a bird is that at your feeder? ZOOM in to see it's a Blue Jay.

Product Features

  • View LIVE, full-motion video from your Vanguard Camera Network.
  • See and control multiple cameras.
  • Set motion detection to start recording and automatically send you email alerts.
  • Digitally record video, stills, and motion/alarm events to create a complete history of camera activity.
  • Plus much more!
  • View Complete Product Specification and instructions here - pdf file
Save $939.92! Order Today!
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Product Description

Pro-Grade Optics & Automatic Image Control
See brilliant FULL-COLOR picture, with the same resolution as your VCR. The smart auto focus will not be fooled by glass and the automatic image adjustment features are constantly making sure you've got the best possible image regardless of where you point Vanguard or how far you push the Zoom! And, for the pros out there, we know how you like to tweak all the settings, so we've included a manual focus and iris adjustment right on the remote, along with a host of other camera settings that can be controlled using the onscreen menus. And with the Vanguard Internet Control Center Software, you can control and view that zoom through your PC from anywhere in the world!

Wide Precision Pan & Tilt

  • Super Quiet Movement
  • Pan 180° Left to Right (230° total field of view)
  • Tilt 70° Up and Down (110° total field of view)
  • Control Vanguard Remotely From Up to 100' Away
  • Pan & Tilt Speed Adjusts With Zoom Level For Easy Tracking
Control it all from your PC from Anywhere in the World!   Total Remote Control from your PC with the Internet Control Center Software!
Instead of seeing LIVE video from your Vanguard Home Surveillance System from up to 100 feet away, you can watch all the action from anywhere in the world! Just like being there, you'll see full-motion video of your home from anywhere at any time! Vanguard's Internet Control Center Software works great with any connection speed - T1, Cable or DSL. The video is optimized for LIVE broadcast over the internet, so you'll never get a "rebuffering" delay!
Save $939.92! Order Today!
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Customer Reviews

VANGUARD SELECTED FOR TOP 50 by Home Automation Magazine
"It's about the zoom! The Vanguard wireless COLOR video surveillance camera provides an easy and inexpensive alternative for complete security and surveillance. The 2.4GHz platform and 44X zoom gives you an incredible glimpse into your home, and it's top quality surveillance at an inexpensive cost. The unit works well with your existing home automation equipment; all you need is a wall outlet." - Home Automation Magazine, July 2003

"I can see everything! I wasn't sure how clear the picture would be, but I was impressed with the quality of the 44x optical zoom. This camera increases your viewing range by so much that it's worth more several smaller range cameras combined. Plus with the Internet Control Software, I have complete access and control from anywhere!" - Roger Smith

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