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Anaconda Wired 3-Camera System - Buy Now!
Anaconda 3 Camera System

Discreet and secure surveillance over three different areas - inside or out! These rugged Anaconda Outdoor Video Cameras install with ease and feature instant live audio and video right to your TV or VCR. With the 60' combination power and video cords, place your cameras wherever you like without the prohibitive cost. Use the included remote control to flip through camera feeds right on your TV!

Price Includes:
3 XCam Anaconda Wired Color Cameras
1 Camera Remote Control
1 Wireless Transceiver

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Product Uses

  • Great at the front door - who's knocking?
  • Keep an eye on the backyard - who's prowling around?
  • Put on over the driveway - who's checking out your car?
  • Monitor the garage - keep an eye on your valuable boat, car or equipment!
  • Use an Anaconda mini camera to keep watch over any areas where you need an extra pair of eyes!

Product Features

  • Instant LIVE COLOR video & audio feed to your TV or VCR.
  • 60 foot combo video/audio cord for extended reach!
  • Use indoors and out - Weather Resistant
  • An RCA "Y" Splitter (not included) is required to connect two wired cameras to a single video source on your TV.
  • View Complete Product Specification and instructions here - pdf file
Save $62.96! Order Today!
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?


 Product Description

Anaconda Wired Mini Camera - Buy Now!
Why the XCam Anaconda Mini Camera is so Amazing!

The XCam Anaconda Wired Mini Camera is an extremely small color micro camera with built-in microphone, attached to a durable 60 ft. cord. Through the cable, LIVE video and audio is transmitted direct to your TV, VCR or any other home electronic appliance with standard RCA inputs. This super small and discreet unit is easily mounted almost anywhere, indoors or out. Simply turn on your TV to experience the live audio/video feed.

Scan Pad Multi Camera Remote - Buy Now!
About the Scan Pad Remote:
Remotely control any combination of up to 16 lights, appliances and X10 Cameras from across the room or the other side of the house. Has dim and brighten control for any lights connected through an X10 Lamp module or Wall Switch. Dim your lights and set the perfect lighting level for any room, even if your lights didn't dim before. The ScanPad Remote works in conjunction with X10 Transceiver Modules.

Easy plug-and-use design! Order Today another excellent X10 Product!
About the Wireless Transceiver:
The power Transceiver Module is the backbone for any home automation system. It allows you to remotely control an household appliance or light that is plugged into an appliance, lamp or wall switch module or any other X10 lighting or appliance product. Simply plug the Transceiver Module into any normal wall socket and using the remote, you can control lamps or appliances from anywhere in your home!
Save $62.96! Order Today!
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?


 Customer Reviews

"I have four XCam Anaconda Mini Cameras. Late one night, as I was laying on the couch, I heard some movement outside of my kitchen window. With my XCam Anaconda Mini Camera, I could plainly see two young kids in my car. When the police showed up within minutes, I provided the police with my footage. The lawyers for the two kids, after reviewing the tapes, decided it would probably be best to just plead guilty. Thanks X10!!!! Spending a couple hundred on your security cameras saved me a couple thousand worth of loss through theft!!!" - Chase Cookson Catchin

"X10 has helped me a lot. Most every neighborhood has one or two annoying kids that think it is funny to do things like ring the doorbell late at night. Well, I know a couple of these kids and I don't think it's funny. After hooking up my new XCam Anaconda Mini Camera, all I had to do was rewind the tape in my VCR the next morning. Turns out it was the kid next door. When his parents saw it they were shocked. I have never had that problem again." - Mat Perkins

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