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nightWatch2 Low-Light Wired Camera System - Buy Now!
NightWatch2 Low-Light Camera

Start seeing everything in low light! The NightWatch2 MiniCamera is a secured, wired camera with built-in microphone that sees in three times less light than the standard XCam2, making it perfect for watching over your home day or night! The NightWatch2 MiniCamera works indoors or out and can be mounted easily on a tree, the side of your house, or even on a pole!

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Product Uses

  • The Perfect Nanny Cam. See if you're baby is awake without turning on the lights!
  • Closed Circuit Security System - Sensitive to see when it's dark outside!
  • Works day or night!
  • Use an NightWatch2 Mini Camera to keep watch over any areas where you need an extra pair of eyes!

Product Features

  • Works in 3X less light than the XCam2!
  • 60 ft. power/video/audio cord provides a long reach!
  • Perfect for monitoring during the night and day
  • Works indoors and out
  • View Complete Product Specification and instructions here - pdf file
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Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Product Description

When the Lights are Dim, You Can Still See!

With a 60ft combination power/video cord, you've got plenty of length to set it up anywhere around in or out of your home. Let the NightWatch2 Minicamera watch over your car at night, find out which furry creature is invading your garbage while you sleep, or keep an eye on the baby for the night! ! It works great during the day, but its real power is a "low light" feature that allows you to see in dim-lighting conditions.

See the difference!

NightWatch 2 Camera Regular Color Surveillance Camera
NightWatch2 Camera
Excels seeing objects and details, even in dim light! When used outdoors, streetlights, porch lights, yard lights, and even moonlight deliver enough light to ensure quality pictures from the NightWatch2 Camera.
Regular Color Surveillance Camera
They have troubles seeing details or objects in dim lighting conditions. In low light conditions, most color surveillance cameras stop reproducing color. The result is black-and-white images and silhouettes.


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Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Customer Reviews

"X10 to the rescue. I ordered a NightWatch2 camera, received it in just three days, and two nights after that I had the perpetrator on candid camera in the act of slashing my tires yet again!! With this evidence, I was able to convince the police to dust for prints, and showed them exactly where to look. Needless to say, I was so pleased that I bought four more cameras and motion detection equipment, and am in the process of hooking it all up so that I have complete surveillance of my property from the comfort of my bedroom. All for under $300.00." - R. Drew

"I love the NightWatch2 Wired Camera. It's sensitive to see when there's little light source! I can see a clear picture of the perimeter of my home late at night and bumps in the dark can be investigated from the comfort of my bedroom by just turning on the TV!" - Lawrence Garvelink

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