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Motion Activated FloodCam - Buy Now!
Motion Activated FloodCam

An XCam2 wireless camera combined with motion-activated floodlights! Instantly and automatically shine powerful floodlights whenever motion is detected, and catch it all on-camera! Outdoor motion-activated lights deter theft and vandalism - and always give you a lit path to the door. The FloodCam is an easy to addition to an existing surveillance setup or a great way to start! Broadcast directly to your TV or VCR (requires a video receiver).

Requires Video Receiver (not included).
Compatible with all wireless X10 cameras.

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Product Uses

  • Instantly shine powerful floodlights on any intruder and instantly capture all the action on video tape!
  • Keep an eye on your front porch!
  • Backyard surveillance!

Product Features

  • Camera uses "Instant-ON" technology. No warm-up time when turning on or switching between cameras. You get instant LIVE crisp video! (X10's top of the line camera technology)
  • Easily integrates into your multi-camera system. Acts just like an XCam2 Camera!
  • Weather-resistant casing. Great for outdoors. (Operating Temp.: 32 to 131F)
  • Field of View: 60 degrees
  • Resolution: 310 TV Lines
  • Auto Shutter: 1/60 to 1/15,000 sec. Note: Your TV can only view 30 frames per second.
  • Min. Illumination: 3 LUX (f1.9)
  • Motion Sensor Range: 20 feet.
  • Max wattage: 150W per lamp holder.
  • Requires 120VAC
  • Requires Video Receiver (not included).
  • View Complete Product Specification and instructions here - pdf file
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 Product Description

Wireless FloodCamThe amazing FloodCam is a weather-resistant wireless video camera with built-in 2.4GHz transmitter and motion sensor and attached dual floodlight casing. The FloodCam is activated by the integrated motion sensor so that when someone approaches your home, the floodlights (bulbs not included) come on, turning night into day and the camera catches the startled intruder on video! The camera transmits its picture via a built-in 2.4 GHz transmitter, to a Video Receiver (not included) which you connect to a TV anywhere in your home. The FloodCam sends the wireless signals even through walls, up to 100 feet so you can watch and record all the action!

The video camera always turns on when motion is detected and the floodlights always turn on when it is dark and motion is detected. (An X10 Transceiver is NOT necessary for this but required for multi-camera applications.)

The motion sensor sends wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signals to an X10 Transceiver (or VCR Commander II.) The Transceiver receives the signals from the Motion Sensor and passes them onto your house wiring. These signals send the information back out to turn off the other cameras or to sound a chime, illuminate hallway lights, etc.

This is a very simple system to install - just a few connections and you're up and running (assuming you will use the FloodCam to replace an existing outdoor light fixture). If there's not an existing fixture, you will need to install a wall box and run conduit to it. If you need help installing a wall box and running conduit please contact a local X10 professional installer.

FloodCam control panelYOU CONTROL EVERYTHING
Underneath the FloodCam unit (shown at left) is a hidden control panel that allows you to easily configure all the settings. Set the Channel to the same channel as your Video Receiver (not included).

The FLOODLIGHT CONTROL function allows you to detect motion at all times (LIGHT) or only when it gets dark (DARK). Using the TIME DELAY dial, you can adjust how long the camera waits to turn off after motion has stopped. The CAMERA MODE switch lets you set how the camera responds to motion and X10 controllers. Using the two dials at the bottom, set the camera's unit code and house code (example A-4). Keep your cameras in groups of four for better scanning control.

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 Customer Reviews

"Having a vehicle broken into is something no one wants to deal with, but after having had several vehicles broken into, I decided to take a stand. I purchased an Floodcam to light everything up at night and mounted it on the driveway to watch our vehicles. I also hooked up a chime inside of the house. Now when someone comes to the house I can hear the chime and know someone is out there. Now I can be watching TV and be able to see my camera. My system was cost effective, offers security for me and my family, and is even fun!" - Levi Wynnyk

"Our street was once only lit at night by the streetlights, but now everyone was leaving the lights on their porches and the fronts of their garages on all night. We were tired of being vandalized During a search for lighting, I stumbled across X10 and the FloodCams. I put one FloodCam on the front of my house to watch my cars, and one on the side of my house pointed to the street to catch everything else, and the third one went into the backyard and captured the rear fence line. I was so happy with the X10 FloodCams that I bought a complete security alarm system the following month. I have added to that since, expanding it to use all 16 sensor zones, and plan to buy two more flood cams and miscellaneous odds and ends to enhance both systems. We used to be apprehensive about leaving our house empty when we went to the movies or the store. Now we can all go out together and stay out as long as we like knowing our property is being watched over by our security system and our cameras. It's a good feeling." - Robert Reisler

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