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NightWatch Low-Light Camera - Buy Now!
NightWatch Low-Light Camera

The NightWatch can "see" in 3X less light than the standard XCam2, so it's perfect for any areas with less-than-perfect light! Watch over your front and back doors, carport or backyard hot tub. The specially-designed optical sensor works hard to deliver brilliant pictures in dim lighting situations or normal daylight, too! Broadcast directly to your TV or VCR with the included Video Receiver.

Price Includes:
1 XCam2 NightWatch Low-Light Camera
1 Video Receiver

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Product Uses

  • Works in one-third the required light for colored cams.
  • Keep an eye on your front porch!
  • Backyard surveillance!

Product Features

  • Perfect for monitoring night & day, indoors & out!
  • 100 foot range through walls and floors
  • View Complete Product Specification and instructions here - pdf file
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Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Product Description

The Wireless NightWatch Camera is an extremely powerful black-and-white low-light camera with built-in 2.4 GHz transmitter and microphone. The audio and video signals are sent up to 100 feet to a small Video Receiver—through walls, floors and even concrete! But the true beauty is the size—it is very small and discreet, allowing it to be easily be mounted on a wall, hung in a planter or placed in a tree and adjusted to monitor your back yard, front yard, side of house, or anything else you see fit. Simply turn on your TV and watch what's going on in nearly any lighting condition.

See the difference!

NightWatch Camera Regular Color Surveillance Camera
NightWatch Camera
Excels seeing objects and details, even in dim light! When used outdoors, streetlights, porch lights, yard lights, and even moonlight deliver enough light to ensure quality pictures from the Wireless NightWatch Camera.
Regular Color Surveillance Camera
They have troubles seeing details or objects in dim lighting conditions. In low light conditions, most color surveillance cameras stop reproducing color. The result is black-and-white images and silhouettes.

Ultra-Sensitive Microphone
Overload your senses both visually and audibly. The NightWatch includes a built-in weather-resistant microphone, allowing you to hear everything that the camera can see. Mounted outdoors, you'll hear the conversations of visitors and the sounds of suspects. Mount it indoors, and hear visitors' conversations, late-night knocks and rattles and other informative sounds. It's fabulous how much more impact a surveillance camera delivers when it includes audio. Requires optional audio/video receiver to hear audio. More Info.

Addressable Power Supply
Built into each Wireless NightWatch camera's power supply is the revolutionary ScanPower module. This allows you to easily switch between cameras remotely. When one camera is turned ON, all other cameras are automatically turned off. This makes it extremely simple to expand and customize your surveillance system to suit your specific needs.

Video Only Receiver - Buy Now!
About the Video Receiver
A Video Receiver is a necessary component of X10’s Wireless Camera Systems. With a Video Receiver, you can receive video signals from up to 16 wireless cameras and display them (one at a time) on your TV screen. Alternatively, you can connect a Video Receiver to a VCR to record the video signals or to a PC for computer- or web-based surveillance (USB Video Capture Adapter and Software required).

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Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Customer Reviews

" I have mares giving birth in the middle of the night. If I get up and go out to check them, they get disturbed and may even stop their labor, but I need to check them hourly. I bought one of the NightWatch security cameras, and mounted it in the foaling barn. Now all I have to do is turn on the TV, and I can keep round the clock monitoring on my mares. I can instantly see if there are any problems, or if they are just sleeping. Thank you so much for your products." - Dana Taylor

"As a father of three, one boy and two girls , the NightWatch allows me to keep an eye on the infant while she's napping, and it allows us to make sure that there isn't anything "un-cool" happening out of our sight." - Gordon Vantassle

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