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Become an X10 Affiliate!

X10 ads have proven to be a top revenue generator across the Internet. Partner up with the best and earn some Easy Money! E-Mail us at and we will get you started as an X10 Affiliate today!

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Why Sell X10 Products?

As an X10 affiliate, you'll have the opportunity to own and build your own online business - with unlimited earning potential and flexibility. And it's so easy to do! We provided you with many of the tools and resources you'll need to make your business grow selling X10 products. We give you the inside-the-company perspective to make money earning high commissions for every X10 Product you sell.

The X10 Affiliate Program has some bottom-line advantages that should spark your good business sense:

  • We'll Help You Design Successful Product Pages that Sell!
    X10 will happily review your site and the X10 pages to ensure you have a high potential to convert viewers into customers -- and make you some money along the way! When a page could use some tips to make it sell better, our design staff is there to identify and suggest ways to make it work!

  • No Inventory Costs
    X10 will maintain warehouse facilities full of products for you to sell. You don't have to own any inventory. 

  • No Shipping Costs to You
    All products sold to you customers are expedited from the X10 regional warehouses. The standard "free shipping for all purchases over $49.99" is valid for all purchases made on your online store. For purchases under $49.99 your customer's purchases are automatically calculated and added to their invoice. 

  • You do not need to hire any shipping or freight companies. We've already done that and you get the benefits. And your customers get the the added benefit of the lowest shipping costs due to the high volume of products we ship.

  • Accept Credit Cards Without Any Bank Fees
    All purchases made by your customer happen through the X10 order system. We've negotiated good rates with the banks and you benefit! This allows fast and efficient order processing and the ability to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
    all major credit cards accepted

  • No Customer Service Costs
    Who knows X10 products any better than our highly trained products support team. You and your customers have access to this talented staff 24/7 -- whenever they're needed at no cost. Toll free customer support phone number (800-675-3044) is the easy way to get one-on-one assistance for product questions that may not be answered online.

  • High 30% or more in Commission
    You earn a 30% commission on every item you sell. With a very high average customer purchase of $116, that calculates into a potential to earn $34 for every X10 item sold on your site. 

  • Automatic "You-do-nothing" Special Offer Updates
    Selected products also have special promotional offers included with them. These offer frequently change. So X10 has created the ability for you to implement simple HTML code into your web pages to automatically update these offers any re-coding by you or your staff. It's all automatic.

  • Selected offers will always be fresh, current and create a sense of urgency, after you implement this feature into your site.

  • Simple To Do
    X10 has created a system for you to make money and sell our products with simple HTML skills. Use your favorite HTML layout software and quickly get your page online and open for business!

FREE Shipping on orders $49.99 and up
FREE FedEx shipping on all orders $49.99 and up

On all orders
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