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Wireless Surround Sound
Sound Power

Create "surround sound" anywhere without running wires! SoundPower's advanced wireless 2.4 GHz transmitter sends music/audio from any audio source -- stereo, CD player, computer, etc. -- to any speakers within 100 feet!

Price Includes:
1 Wireless SoundPower Speaker/Jack System
1 Sound Power Remote
1 PC Receiver
1 Boom 2000 Software
1 RCA/Stereo Cable

FREE Boom 2000 PC Kit
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

Product Uses

  • Transmit stereo sounds throughout the home
  • Send audio to your backyard or deck
  • Enhance your PC or console gaming experience
  • Enhance your home theater system
  • FREE BOOM 2000 PC Kit : PC Music Anywhere!

Product Features

  • Transmits audio up to 100 feet
  • Sound Power Remote controls entertainment system and Sound Power and wireless speaker
  • Remote controls volume, bass, treble, and CD / MP3 playback
  • Sound Power receiver includes 10W amplified speaker-out
  • View Complete Product Specification and instructions here - pdf file



FREE Boom 2000 PC Kit
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Product Description

Now you can create "surround sound" throughout your entire home without running wires!
Using the NEW Wireless SoundPower's advanced 2.4 GHz transmitter you can send music/sounds from any audio source, such as your stereo, CD player, computer, etc, to any speaker at any location within 100 ft of the transmitter. Because it's totally wireless, you simply place your speaker(s) where you want it, attach the SoundPower Receiver (each receiver provides stereo output for two speakers), and you're all set! Since the SoundPower Receiver contains a powerful 10W amplifier, your speakers will be amplified with crisp high quality sound, just like it was coming direct from the source! And the real beauty is using the included SoundPower Remote to control your entire entertainment and wireless speaker system! This remote allows you to control your entire sound system (raise/lower volume, change CD's or MP3's, even change the treble and bass). It's truly awesome! Order Now and get a BOOM 2000 PC KIT ($30 Value) for FREE!



Hi / Fi wirelessHi/Fi Patio/Deck Sound Without Wires! Now you can easily broadcast music/radio from your stereo or PC to the patio or deck area without running wires. Great for parties or relaxing outdoors. With the included SoundPower Remote you can change audio sources, change CD's, increase/decrease volume, treble and bass! It's like being a remote DJ.



Home wireless speakersSound Throughout Your Home: Everyone's got a nice stereo system and/or PC that can play high quality music. The problem is that we spend so much time in other rooms, such as the bedroom, family room, kitchen, dining room. In order to get music in those rooms you have to buy another amplifier such as a stereo system or boom box which can costs $250 up to several thousand dollars or you can hard wire speaker wires throughout the house, ripping holes through walls! With the Wireless SoundPower you can simply place a speaker in the room you want music, attach the SoundPower Receiver, and you're set! Transmit crisp high quality sound with ease! Many people like to play MP3's music from their PC. Imagine transmitting your MP3 tunes to the dining room speaker to play relaxing dinner music while you eat!



Home Theater Surround Sound: Must people who have Home Theater systems have their stereo speakers in the front right and left of where they watch their movies. Some people have those speakers too close together and thus the sound quality doesn't provide the proper left/right separation. Imagine BACK LEFT & RIGHT SOUND as you watch a movie! That's true total SURROUND SOUND! With the Wireless SoundPower you can easily add separate back left/right speakers without running wires around the room. It allows you to place the speakers where you want them to provide the optimal front/back/left/right sound experience! Now you enjoy your new DVD Movies in style! Also, with the included remote, you'll have the ability to turn on/off and dim lights to provide awesome mood lighting for your home theater.



wireless gaming audioUltimate Gaming Experience (ex. Dolby 5.1, 3D Sound, Regular Surround and EAX Surround Sound) Are you a gamer? Many of the new video games being created have the ability to provide a true Surround Sound experience. But unless you have 5 speakers surrounding your gaming area (and separated appropriately) you won't be able to take advantage of the total sound experience the game designer intended! Imagine a car-racing game and hearing the sounds of siren from a police car coming up from behind you. Or flying through space and exploding an asteroid, the sound of the explosion moves from the front to the back as you fly through it! With the Wireless SoundPower System you can add regular stereo speakers (without running wires) for your back speakers to provide the ultimate Surround Sound experience!!



**FREE BOOM PC Software Kit! $30 Value!**

BOOM PC Software Boom 2000 PC Adapter (MR26A)BOOM 2000 PC KIT - $30 VALUE! Included with the Wireless SoundPower Kit is the PC Receiver (MR26A) and BOOM 2000 Software. With the included SoundPower Remote you can control your DVD, or CD Player in your PC as well as being able to control MP3 players such as MusicMatch, RealJukeBox, WinAmp, etc., remotely from anywhere inside or outside your home.

Now you can take full advantage of the power of your PC to provide the storage of countless digital music files, and the ability to enjoy it from any speaker placed inside/outside your home! ($30 Value)


FREE Boom 2000 PC Kit
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Customer Reviews

I tried it with Unreal Tournament 2004 with a 2 speakers behind me. I get 4-speaker surround sound now! It's awesome! When I hear action behind me I can pinpoint exactly which direction it is coming from. Overall sound quality is great too. - Fragmaster

Working out in my garage is alot less boring using Sound Power. I put a speaker on my workbench and plugged it in. Easy setup and no wires to run! The wife is happy because I don't have to crank up the living room speakers anymore. - Nolan Cook

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