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Entertainment   Universal Remotes  Powermid Remote Control Extender
Powermid Remote Control Extender
Powermid Remote Control Extender

Easily change channels from any room in your home!

The Wireless RemoteSENDER is the missing link in your home. Have you ever wished your infrared remote control could transmit through walls? Now it can.

Simply place the transmitter in another room and place the receiver anywhere in the room where the equipment you want to control is located.

The transmitter receives the infrared (IR) signals from your remote control and converts them into a radio frequency signal. This signal penetrates walls and is picked up by the Receiver. The receiver then converts the signal back into an IR signal and sends the command to the equipment being controlled.

Works with ANY infrared remote!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

Product Uses

  • Extend remote range
  • Send signals to other rooms
  • Eliminate multiple video sources

Product Features

  • Sender converts IR to RF
  • Able to send through walls
  • Line-of-sight not required
  • Receiver converts RF signal back to IR
  • Works with multiple remotes simultaneously
  • View Complete Product Specification and instructions here - pdf file


Under $40! Order Now!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Product Description
Easy installationThe Powemid installs in five minutes! Simply plug it into an A/C wall outlet in both rooms and you're done. Its expandable design allows multiple transmitters and receivers throughout your home.
Great for VCR's, DSS, DVD and more. Now you only need one video source deck and it can be controlled from other rooms.
Works great with Wireless VideoSENDER to transmit video and audio from room to room in your home.

Under $40! Order Now!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Customer Reviews

"Perfect! I have a very large entertainment room and my equipment actually sits in a cabinet behind the couch. I used to have to aim the remote behind me but now I just point it at the Powermid next to the TV and it sends it to my equipment. Works great!" - Frank Roberts

"I like to CDs while I do my homework but my CDROM is broken on my computer. I got the Powermid and a SoundPower kit and now I just use my parent's CD player downstairs! What a deal!" - Georgia Brown

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