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Universal 5-in-1 Remote
5-in-1 Learning Remote

With the Universal 5-in-1 Learning Remote you can even control your lights and appliances from this remote as well when used with an X10 Transceiver! Throw away old remotes and upgrade to one remote that does it ALL!

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Product Uses

  • Replace multiple remotes
  • Controls TV
  • Controls VCR
  • Controls satellite
  • Controls cable box
  • Learns signals from any IR remote
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Turn on coffee machine
  • Control X10 wireless modules

Product Features

  • TV, VCR, Cable, Sat, and X10 buttons
  • Play buttons
  • Channel up / down buttons
  • Volume / mute buttons
  • Navigation arrows
  • Numeric keypad
  • Compatible with X10 Home Automation Transceiver
  • View Complete Product Specification and instructions here - pdf file


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Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Product Description

Easy to Use universal remoteThe Universal 5-in-1 Learning Remote (UR74A) controls TV, VCR, Cable, and Satellite in a convenient and uncluttered design. It also includes Home Control when used in conjunction with the X10 Transceiver (or any X10 security system base receiver), allowing it to be used to switch and dim lighting in a home theater application for example.

The learning function ensures that the remote will work with any audio/video product, no matter how obscure. It even allows operation of IR controlled air conditioning and drapery controls, for example.

Teaching the remote a new set of codes is performed by placing the two remotes so that they face each other and pressing the key sequence to initiate programming. Each key on the original remote is then pressed in sequence followed by its corresponding key on the Universal 5-in-1 Learning Remote (UR74A).

Keys on the 5-in-1 Learning Remote:

  • Learn
  • Power
  • TV
  • VCR
  • Cable
  • Sat
  • X10 Super Key
  • Set-up
  • Last
  • All Lights On/Off
  • Channel Up/Down
  • Volume Up/Down
  • 0-9
  • A-B
  • Enter
  • Mute
  • Menu
  • Exit
  • Navigation arrows
  • Play
  • Rew
  • FF
  • Stop
  • Record
  • Pause
  • OK
  • A, B, C, D

THE X10 SUPER KEY!! The Learning Remote provides control of TV, VCR and lights and appliances. To turn on a lamp simply plug any lamp into a lamp module, push the X10 "Super Key," then push "Button 1" and "Channel UP." The light associated with A1 turns on! Now push Volume down or up to dim and brighten the lamp, or push channel up or down to turn it on or off! Push the TV button and instantly switch from controlling your lights to controlling the TV!

To control the coffee machine .... use an Appliance Module instead of a Lamp Module. Plug the coffee machine into the appliance module. Set the appliance module to a new Unit Code. For example use: A2. Now push the X10 Super Key, then push "Button 2" and "Channel UP." The coffee machine associated with A2 turns on!

Works great with these other X10 products; ActiveHome, and PowerMid Remote Extender.


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Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Customer Reviews

"I hooked it up with some modules all over my house. I crank up the tunes while I work on my truck in the garage, and turn on all of my workbench lights with one button. As for the living room, I threw away 5 controllers. YES, ALL 5! It still freaks my friends out when I turn lights on and off." - Skip Penn

Ha! I "borrowed" my friends Xbox DVD controller and had my X10 remote learn the commands. When I returned it and thanked him for saving me $30 he was slightly upset. Thanks X10, you made my day! - Eddie Garcia

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