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Wireless Video Sender
Wireless Video Sender

Have you ever been watching a cable show or movie in your living room and started to get sleepy? You wish you could finish the show in bed. Or maybe you'd like to watch MTV in the kitchen while getting dinner. Moving the VCR, DVD player, or cable box to the other room is out of the question. What to do? Our Wireless Video Sender is the perfect solution! It broadcasts the video signal from one TV to another without wires!

Price Includes:
1 Wireless Video Sender transmitter
1 Wireless Video Sender receiver
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Product Uses

  • Use with X-Box, Playstation, or other video game consoles to eliminate tripping on wires
  • Send DVD signals to a TV without a DVD player
  • Watch a movie on your kitchen TV without having to buy another DVD or tape player
  • Send Satellite Dish signals to another room without having to purchase additional Dish equipment

Product Features

  • 2.4 GHz technology
  • Polarization signal is unobstructed by walls, ceiling, furniture, or floors
  • Sender has RCA A/V inputs
  • Receiver has RCA A/V outputs
  • Audio sends Left and Right channels
  • View Complete Product Specification and instructions here - pdf file


FREE $20 Gift Certificate!
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Product Description
Send Audio / Video to any room!
Get Cable in Another Room! Watch Your DVDs on Another TV!
NO Wires, NO Extra Boxes, NO Extra Fees!

Use the X10 Wireless VideoSENDER, a product that lets you watch your favorite movies and shows on any TV in the house, without buying additional VCRs or cable boxes, and without running wire from room to room.

If you have cable, DSS, a VCR, or a DVD player, you know that getting the full range of programming on additional televisions can get expensive. Either pay for additional hookups, buy extra VCRs or DVD players, or run unsightly wire from room to room. No one wants to pay for additional boxes or players, and running wire from room to room often results in reduced picture quality. But, with X10's new scientific breakthrough in wireless video broadcasting, you can have the perfect, affordable solution!

How it works:

The Wireless VideoSENDER transmits high-quality visual images and stereo sound to any television in your home, up to 100 feet away. The key to this breakthrough is the use of new 2.4 GHz technology. The frequency has a Easy to install wireless video senderbroad signal range which means that more video information can be transmitted. The results are cleaner pictures, reduced signal interference and multiple channels. What's more, because it's used much less than the old 900 MHz frequency, the 2.4 GHz range is virtually uncluttered.

And the best part about this technology is that it creates a circular polarization signal to provide clear, powerful retransmission of audio and video signals throughout your home - unobstructed by walls, ceiling, furniture, or floors.

The Wireless Video Sender supports full stereo audio so you won't skip a beat. It even transmits quality audio and video through walls. No more line-of-sight limitations!


FREE $20 Gift Certificate!
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Customer Reviews

"Our house wasn’t wired for cable in our master bedroom. It was going to cost several hundred dollars to get the room wired, and then pay $12 extra per month for an additional cable box and monthly cable fees. Instead, I used a solution from X10. I hooked up the Wireless Video Sender transmitter to my basement TV, which had the cable box. I hooked up the Wireless Video Sender receiver unit to the master bedroom TV. It's now just like having a cable box in the bedroom. The X10 equipment has already paid for itself." - Larry Dreyspring

"My little sister used to always play with the cables when I played my Xbox. Now I keep the Xbos in the back of the room. Nobody trips on my cables anymore! This thing is great! - Robbie Bontrager


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