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Take charge of your homes lights and appliances! With X10 Home Automation Modules you can control nearly any light or appliance in your home by remote control. From lamps and stereo systems to sprinkler systems and garage door openers, it’s all possible with X10 home Automation Modules. Start out with th ActiveHome Pro Basic Kit and add to it!


Top Selling Home Automation Modules!

Lamp Modules

Lamp Module
Now all of your lights can dim with a push of a button! Order 1 for every light in your home!
  • Now your lights can dim
  • Works with normal wall

Lamp Module 2 Way
2 way lamp module! Order 1 for every light in your home!
  • Works with ActiveHome Pro
  • Soft Start Feature
  • 2 way communicating

Socket Rocket
Socket Rocket Get 1 for every light in your Home!
  • Works with ActiveHome Pro
  • Just screw it in!
  • Comes in basic white

Screw In Lamp Module
Dim lights too, even if they didn't normally! Order Now!
  • Works with ActiveHome Pro
  • Installs in light bulb socket
  • Dimmable by remote control


Appliance Modules

Appliance Module (2-Pin)
2-Way Appliance Module 2-Pin (AM14A) Now you can know which of your X10-controlled appliances are turned on and which are turned off... automatically ORDER NOW!
  • Works with ActiveHome Pro
  • 2 Pin Polarized
  • Control Appliances

Appliance Module (3-Pin) Grounded
Works with fans, air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, coffee pots, stereos, TV's and more! Just plug a 2 or 3-pin appliance into the appliance module, and plug the appliance module into any normal wall socket.
  • Works with ActiveHome Pro
  • Control with any X10 Controller
  • Classic White Design

2 Way Appliance Module
Now you can know which of your X10-controlled appliances are turned on and which are turned off... automatically!! >>Order Now<<
  • 2 way appliance module
  • Turns appliances on/off!
  • Standard White design!

15 Amp Heavy Duty Appliance Module
A plug-in module for controlling high wattage, 220v appliances such as water heaters, room air conditioners, ranges, etc.
  • Rated at 15 amps, 220v
  • Spade Style Design
  • Factory Direct


Other Modules

Wireless Transceiver
Easy plug-and-use design! Order Today another excellent X10 Product!
  • Easy plug-and-use design
  • Turns all Modules on/off
  • Requires Remote Control

Remote Chime
Be notified of intruders lurking around your home.. Order 1 for all your Friends and Family you would like to protect!
  • Movement triggers chime
  • Intrudor alert
  • makes great front door bell!

Super Socket Receptacle Module
Control you lights or appliances from across the room or the other side of the house.
  • Works with ActiveHome Pro
  • Appliance Module built in!
  • Elegant White Design

Universal Module
Universal Module Rated a 5 amps at 24v DC
  • Controls any 2 wire lead electronic devise
  • Has built in Chime
  • Controls low voltage devices




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