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ActiveHome Pro Home Automation

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ActiveHome Pro 16 Piece Kit

ActiveHome Pro Wins PC Magazine's Editors' Choice in the November 2004 issue! ActiveHome Pro is named to TechLiving Magazine's 2004 Hot List November/ December 2004 issue. Get the 16 piece kit today!

Price Includes
ActiveHome Pro Software
1 USB - ActiveHome Pro Interface
1 Entertainment Remote
1 keychain Remote
1 Palm Pad Remote
1 Slimline Wireless Wall Switch

4 Lamp Modules
2 Appliance Modules
2 Motion Sensors

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Product Uses

  • Receive a Warm Welcome Home Every Night
  • Create Instant Romance with the Touch of a Button
  • Press a Button - Start the Party
  • Security While You're Away with Realistic Lived-In Look
  • Lower Energy Bills with Schedules for Lights and Appliances

Product Features

  • Windows 98 Second edition or newer to operate
  • ActiveHome Pro can control up to 256 Modules
  • USB Interface 110 AC outlet
  • View Complete Product Specification and instructions here - pdf file
SAVE $195.00 Order Today!
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Product Description

Welcome to the world of Home Automation!
You now have the power to control your whole home from your computer! With ActiveHome Pro and your X10 Modules you can create schedules for your lights and appliances, set up groups of commands for your daily life, and keep lights and appliances off when they’re not in use. Use ActiveHome Pro to make your home more comfortable, and more secure. The X10 ActiveHome Pro software, in conjunction with the
Interface, lets you control lights and appliances around your home when used with X10 Modules. When you purchased the X10 ActiveHome Pro Computer Interface you received an e-mail containing a link entitled “New Software Download Link

Included with your order Get into Home Automation today!

Yes, it's true. Big things really do come in small packages. It's remarkable what we've been able to pack inside the NEW ActiveHome Pro Computer Interface. First, take your old transceivers, for example (TM751 or RR501). You used to need one for every house code. No more. This interface will send and receive ALL 256 house/unit codes and even take the place of the PC Transceiver (CM19A) for controlling X10 Cameras.

Next, you'll find loads of memory for storing timers and macros. And don't forget the NEW USB interface which makes connecting to today's PCs a snap. But that's just the beginning. The NEW ActiveHome Pro USB computer interface is ready for future enhancements as well. This Tiny White Box will have you monitoring your home surveillance cameras, controlling your home via the web, and more. Stay tuned, excitement awaits! 


Built in memory and a battery backup inside the USB Computer Interface allows timers to operate with your computer turned off.  Now that's powerful!

Modules Are Organized By Rooms

Home Automation

Macros & Events Are Built With Drag-And-Drop Ease

Home Automation

Here are some tasks you can automate with a macro in your home:

  • Dim selected lights to create a soft romantic mood. Brighten other lights when you want to read a good book. Control all the lights in a room to create different moods.

  • Impress your friends and neighbors with cinema-like lighting. One button can change the lighting for intermission. Hey, the movie is great, but it would be better if you had some hot buttery popcorn. Pause the movie and press "intermission" on a remote control and selected lights will brighten for you in a dramatic fashion. When you return from your snack bar, press another button and the lights will dim for you to continue the movie. This is cool stuff!

  • End fumbling for your keys in the dark. Press the button on a keychain remote and watch a path of light illuminate from your car, over the sidewalk to the porch, and inside your home. Then be amazed as they turn off minutes after you pass.  Easily possible with when you create a "coming home" macro for your home. Your spouse will love it!

  • Kids scared of the dark? Set them up with a wireless wall switch near their bed. When they press a button, selected lights can come on in their room - and automatically turn off after 15 minutes when they are back to sleep.  Use another button on the remote control to turn on hallway and bathroom lights prior to them heading to the bathroom in the middle of the night - and turn them off again after they get back into bed.  Save energy and a parents sanity!

  • Keep the neighbor's dog off your lawn. Use motion sensors to automatically turn on the sprinkler system and yard lights whenever the neighbors dog comes visiting in the night. A macro will then turn off the sprinklers and lights a few minutes later. A few blasts of water and Bowser will soon learn to stay away.

  • Your moods change, so can the lighting. Synchronize table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights and wall sconces to create different moods in a room.  When your reading, you may want an intimate environment with the light next to your favorite chair fully on, while other lights in the room to be much dimmer. But other times, you have guests over and would rather have a bright party atmosphere. And when hosting a night of entertainment goes late into the night, you can change the mood into an after hours nightclub at home. You can even control the warm glow from a fireplace!  

  • Hundred of other macros can be used throughout your home, limited only by your imagination.

SAVE $195.00 Order Today!
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Customer Reviews

"Check out PC Magazines review of ActiveHome Pro!"- Click Here to Read Review

"I love this incredible Home Automation System, I feel like a kid at Christmas.!" - Ralph Potter

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