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Firecracker 4 Piece PC Kit!
Firecracker 4 piece Kit

4-Pack Firecracker Automation System Control your lights and appliances directly from your PC or wireless remote -- anywhere in your house!

Price Includes:
1 Transceiver Module
1 Lamp Module
1 Palm Pad Controller
1 FireCracker Computer Interface

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Product Uses

  • Dim and control lighting without leaving the couch!
  • Or control lights & appliances directly from your computer!
  • Easy to Install! Total Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Product Features

SAVE 45% Order Today!
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Product Description

FireCracker Computer Interface

No bigger than a Fig Newton, the interface plugs into a serial port in the back of your computer. Our through-port design allows you to plug another device into the back of the interface -- you need not lose a serial port to use FireCracker!

Using the FireCracker software allows you to send commands through this interface to the Wireless Link Module and through the household wiring. Customize your home appliances to fit your own lifestyle.

This interface can control up to 256 sets of lights and appliances.

Firecracker Software for WIndowsFireCracker Software
Using the software, you send commands to the computer interface that you've plugged into the back of your computer (see above). The interface sends commands to the link module, which translates the wireless signal into an X10 signal.

Best of all, the FireCracker kit is fully compatible with your voice-activation software -- simply tell the coffeepot to start brewing and it will!

SAVE 45% Order Today!
Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Customer Reviews

"We thought it was the coolest gadget to come across
our desks in a while." Rick Popko, Senior Editor, ZDNet Equip

"Firecracker is an incredibly adaptable application.!" - Unknown

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